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Syaoran Li
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Name: Frika
Contact: [ profile] freakanature06
Are you over 17?: Yessir, I am 25
Characters in Forest Covered: Tobio Kageyama/King (Haikyuu!!), Shoukichi Naruko/Red (Yowamushi Pedal), Nagisa Hazuki/Penguin (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)


Name/Work Name: Syaoran Li/Liang
Canon: Cardcaptor Sakura
Canon Point: After Sakura has 'defeated' Clow Reed and Syaoran has left for Hong Kong, just before the time skip preceding the last bit of story.
Age: 13
History: Syaoran on the wikia.
One of the first things anyone would notice about Syaoran is that he is stubborn and very easy to upset. He can be very quick to anger and refuses to yield ground when he feels strongly about a subject. When he is disagreed with, he grows petulant and is prone to stomping around in irritation, yelling and being very serious - often about things that really don't require that amount of seriousness.

In addition to being an easily angered child, Syaoran is also very easy to embarrass and socially awkward to boot. The simplest of kind things can send him into a flustered blush-spiral, and he never seems to be able to properly express the way that he is feeling about anything in particular. This can be seen in the way that he responds to compliments with blushing anger and also the way that he constantly stands in his own way in his attempts to admit his feelings to Sakura. It's obvious that Syaoran is the sort of person who has never had any close friends before because of his overly serious nature, so friendship easily throws him for a loop and he deals with friends in the most awkward ways imaginable. It certainly doesn't help that he is very gullible and will believe almost anything that someone tells him, thinking that he's just not knowledgeable because of a cultural barrier.

Now, despite all of these rather terrible personality traits that Syaoran has, he is actually a very good guy. He's dependable, always willing to be there to help someone in need, as exemplified in the many times he's saved Sakura, even when they were supposed to have been 'rivals'. He has a very sweet heart, kind of like a ridiculous, gooey romantic, though it's difficult to see underneath his rough exterior. This can be seen in the way he latches onto various 'traditions' and tries to use them in order to please people around him that he likes. Lastly, he is very self-sacrificing, almost to a fault. In the final battle with Eriol, he sacrifices himself in order to save Sakura, believing that she has the ability to save everyone else. He is more than willing to put even this level of trust into anyone who has properly earned it, and willing to give himself and everything he has in order to protect what is important to him - whether it be his family's honor, his girlfriend, or the Clow Cards themselves.

Debt: The only thing that Syaoran could possibly wish for would be the ability to see Sakura again. She is the most important person in the world to him, and he would give anything to make sure that he could be with her once more.
Suitability: Syaoran is a very hardworking person and he'll be damned if he'll be kept in debt for the rest of his life. So he's likely to work as hard as he possibly can, helping out anywhere he can, to make sure he pays off his debt for getting to see Sakura again.

Inventory: Syaoran would have had his battle outfit, a teddy bear that Sakura made for him, and some jufu (enchanted paper) that he would typically use for fighting.

Abilities, Strengths, and Weaknesses:
Abilities: Syaoran is a skilled swordsman and has been trained as a sort of magical warrior, which is why he so desperately thought he should be the one chosen by the Clow Cards. He is also a skilled magician, using enchanted paper in order to control the elements. It is all very second-nature to him now.
Strength: He is loyal, dependable, and always up for saving the world. Definitely good things to be.
Weaknesses: Very gullible, easily embarrassed, and led by his heart. It would be easy to manipulate Syaoran simply by threatening someone he loves.


Characterization Sample: Link 1 and Link 2


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